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Last Will and Testaments

The first building block to any good estate plan, a Last Will & Testament establishes the Executor in charge of settling your final affairs, what powers that Executor will have, who inherits your property and how your property will be transferred to your beneficiaries.

If you pass away without an estate plan in place, Georgia law will dictate how your property is distributed. You will have given up your right to determine how you want your assets divided, who you want to inherit them, when you want children to have control of their inheritance, and even who will receive custody of minor children. Your loved ones will have to go through this very public, very long, very expensive process at the same time they are grieving your death.

A will won’t keep you out of probate, but it will give the judge instructions on how you want your assets distributed after your passing. Without a will, a stranger (the judge) who does not love or even know your family will be making major decisions for them.

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