Tickets are fast sold out 30 Tickets left! Get your tickets now!
Tickets are fast sold out 30 Tickets left! Get your tickets now!

14th, FEB. Atlanta GA.

Exploring How Probate Shapes Your Legacy...

In this informative event, you will gain insights into the complexities of probate, which will lead you to discover potential pitfalls that may prolong court proceedings and lead to internal strife within your family.

A man regretting his negligence

Are You Leaving Inheritance or Inherited-grudges Behind?

You’ve dedicated a lifetime to secure the well-being of your loved ones after your passing. 

But are you managing it effectively? 

Where are your assets—your home, cars, businesses, 401(k)s—being safeguarded? How about the future care of your children? Will your legacy be one of ease and hope or discomfort and strife?

Probable Regrets from the After-life

estate planning

Ensure a smooth asset distribution and transfer for your heirs. Avoid posthumous regrets by taking the first step – securing your spot at this event.

Discover why showing up to the New Year, New You, New Legacy event matters so much...

It does not matter how you join us– remotely, or in-person (the in-person experience is highly recommended), you have to show up for your assets and the future of your loved ones. 

Hi, I'm Stephanie
(Your Host)

Greetings! I’m the founding attorney of Graham Estate Planning, a Georgia-based law firm specializing in estate planning, however I am licensed in both New York and New Jersey.

As a Fulton County Probate Court Administrator, I’ve seen how firsthand, how probate rulings can significantly affect your assets, heirs and family. The impact is particularly pronounced when there’s a lack of proper planning before your passing, even with a Will. Join us on the 14th of February to learn more about the dire situation you may be putting your family in, and how you can help them.


Learn not just from the impeccable experience of the host, but from our impressive lineup of speakers with close to eight decades of combined experience, including that of the host. Check out our distinguished speaker roster.

Eight-times published author
2+ decades
Top 40 under 40
Wealth Advisor
6+ years
Author of best-selling
book on Resilience
5+ years
renowned Closing Attorney
7 years

Here's What You Will be Getting For Your Money & Time


Mitigate Costs on Consultations

Instead of paying upwards of $500 for a one-hour consultation, invest just $63 in a ticket to our event. In those two hours, you’ll gain exhaustive information on estate planning, enjoy networking opportunities, and even have drinks—all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional consultation.


Two Hours of Comprehensive Insights

Unlike brief consultations, our event offers a focused two-hour session, providing in-depth insights into estate planning. This extended learning experience ensures you leave with a thorough understanding, answering questions you may not even have thought to ask in a standard consultation.


Connect with Peers and Professionals

Beyond the learning, our event provides a platform for networking. Engage with peers, professionals, and our expert speakers, establishing valuable connections within the estate planning community that can potentially open doors for collaborations and partnerships


Exclusive Discounts and Resources

Ticket holders gain exclusive access to discounts on future consultations and resources. This ensures that the value derived from the event extends beyond the two-hour session, providing ongoing benefits for those committed to their estate planning journey.

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