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Speaking Engagements

Graham Estate Planning’s mission is to educate the populous about the importance of estate planning. Most estate planning attorneys speak freely about estate planning as a means to build wealth and transfer wealth when more than 80% of us are NOT wealthy. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/10/08/top-1-of-us-households-hold-15-times-more-wealth-than-bottom-50-combined/?sh=7ea3d7185179. Such attorneys are not speaking to you or me, for that matter, and the wealth gap continues to widen daily.

Based on my personal experience in my family and expertise in my practice, estate planning is more about keeping your family whole and intact while maintaining (and growing) the assets you have acquired and protecting the people you love from predators (often within your own family). Without estate planning, families are irreparably broken and wealth has nothing to do with it but planning has everything to do with it. Without at least a basic will in place to tell your last story, the predators will make up their own story, object to the intestate distribution and burn through your estate with probate fees and fights.

For that reason, I am an estate planning and probate speaker. I want you, your family and your associates to know the rights you abandon by not engaging in estate planning. I want you to know that the Georgia Department of Education inherits your unclaimed assets. I will share stories of broken families due to the lack of planning. I will advise how you can avoid these mistakes. I welcome invitations to make an estate planning presentation to your family, your business associates or your favorite non-profit organization.

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Guest Speaker Events


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