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Can You Afford $900,000 In Bonds And/or A Lengthy Court Battle?

Can you afford $900,000 in bonds and/or a lengthy court battle?

Chadwick Boseman’s wife had to pay a substantial bond ($900,000) on her husband’s estate and she was held personally responsible for her in-laws’ funeral plots.
AND, if that wasn’t bad enough, she split HER HUSBAND’s estate (what was left of it) with her in-laws, $2.3 million dollars.
Simone Ledward-Boseman lost because she waited too late to hire a lawyer AND there was no will in place.

You may think this can’t happen to you because Marvel’s Black Panther had millions but we receive calls like this every day. The difference is the average person, like you and me, cannot afford $900,000 in bonds or this type of court battle! Men are convinced that as long as he’s married, his wife will inherit everything! Well, as you can see, NO ONE is safe if you do not have an express will in place specifying your last wishes; plus a living trust is even better because it is private, is not filed in court and your in-laws (and nosey neighbors) will never know how much wealth you actually have. The worse part about this result is that California is a community property state which means only your spouse inherits ALL but in this case Simone’s in-laws got half, just like Jim Morrison’s (The Doors) parents did and Jim did not want his parents to receive one red cent!

Read the Boseman story here.

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